Why Didn’t They Tell Me I Would Feel Like This

“I was having nightmares every night.”  I called Planned Parenthood (where I had my abortion) I told them “You broke me, You fix me!”  They told me they do not have after abortion help and gave me a different number to call.  I called the number and the person that answered said, “Yes, we can help you”

I just didn’t think that anyone could possibly understand the torment and pain I had caused myself, and that people would ridicule me when I said I was hurting so badly from my abortion. The woman who answered the phone showed me light and love when I needed it the most.  Thank you for saving my life. You are a special, woman with a very special heart, and I was blessed to speak with you that night.  Also thank you for connecting me with the local recovery weekend.  My life is forever changed.” J