“I was a Christian and I chose abortion. It was legal so how could it be so wrong? I was able to go on with my life as usual until I saw my first ultra sound of my next child. All the memories flooded back into my mind of what I had done all those years ago.

As a Christian I asked for God’s forgiveness but I never felt peace. Every time I heard the word ‘abortion’ I was afraid to move thinking someone would find out my secret. I felt shame and guilt.

One day in church the pastor opened up the service for people to share what was on their heart. A lady stood up and said she wanted the churches forgiveness for her abortion — hearing her started my healing journey. I told my story to a friend who wanted me to tell a pastor. I ended up telling the church my story and telling God he could use me and my past anyway He wanted. The freedom came and the journey continued as I have attended Recovery Bible Studies and Recovery Weekends. I have since helped 100’s of women start their healing journey. I know I am forgiven and set free” T.