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Thank You For Your Interest In Supporting the H3Helpline

Your help is greatly appreciated. 1 in 3 women have been touched by the pain and loss of abortion. H3Helpline provides a safe, confidential place for our callers to take their first step to healing.  A place where someone will listen without judgement.

Millions of women and men have been suffering in silence and shame which has directly impacted their families, relationships and quality of life.  Help us reach those who are hurting, so they can tell their story and find resources for hope and restoration.  Your tax-free donation will go directly to assuring that our phones are answered 24/7/365  all across America. By making a donation today, you will enable us to spread the good news that there is a H3Helpline who can  provide Help • Hope • Healing to those who desperately needs our assistance.


As a financial donor to H3Helpline, you are helping us reach men and women who are still hurting from their abortion.  Because of the shame and guilt that is associated with abortion, most have never told their secret to anyone.  H3Helpline is often the first time someone tells their story.  It is the first step to healing because our Phone Coaches are safe and confidential.

With each monthly, quarterly or onetime gift we are able to answer a phone call and offer the hurting person – Help • Hope • Healing

Thank you for your consideration.

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Volunteer opportunities are always available.  Please contact us or fill out a volunteer application.

Examples of needs are Social Media help, Phone Coaches, Fundraising help and more.


Prayer support is the backbone of this ministry.  With our Phone Coaches being on call 24/7, they need your prayer support.   Listening to stories and offering Help • Hope • Healing   can be stressful and challenging.  Our Phone Coaches depend on the prayers of others to keep them going. If you would like to pray for our specific needs click on the “Become Prayer Partner” button below.