Your Abortion Story

Have you been hurt from abortion? Have you been healed and set free from your past abortion trauma? We would like to hear your abortion story.

Story Transcription

“I remember wanting to scream “NO” when they put the mask over me and not having the courage.”

“That Sunday on the 20th anniversary I was filled with anxiety. I was filled with shame. But I had finally come to a point I suppose what just couldn’t carry it any longer.”

“I literally twenty eight years ago was ready to take my life. I just thought it was over. My kids were better off without me. Why would they need a mom who could take the life of her own child It’s a loss that is secret. It’s a loss that many suffer by themselves in silence. But it will interrupt your life in all kinds of different ways.”

“Before I knew it I got involved in gambling, heavily involved in gambling for about three or four years. Did a lot of really bad things… I stole from employers, wrote a lot of bad checks.”

“The problems that are created far outweigh what problems you think a baby will bring and a baby is a blessed gift from God.”

“I walked out of that sanctuary that day completely different.”

“If you’re hopeless and you think that your life is over because of an abortion or any kind of tragedy or something you’ve done in your life our God loves us so much that he sent his son to die on a cross for us that he would do anything us. With God all things are possible.”

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Healing the Pain of Abortion Once Call at at Time.

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