It goes by several names (Post Abortion Syndrome, Post Abortion Stress Syndrome Symptoms, Abortion PTSD, etc.), but the effects are the same. Just like every person’s experience with abortion is different, so are the symptoms that people experience. However, there are some common symptoms that you can be aware of. Read over the list below and then call H3Helpline today at 866-721-7881 to talk with one of our Phone Coaches who have also experienced abortion and know what you’re going through.

Common Symptoms of PASS


Feeling an Inability to Talk About Your Abortion Experience With Others

No matter what your stance is on abortion, you can’t argue that there is a stigma surrounding it. The debate on abortion can easily get passionate and emphatic, as it’s an important issue, but the drawback to this is that abortion becomes a topic that can make people uneasy to bring up. Those feelings are much stronger when you are the one that went through an abortion. It can feel like it’s something that you’re not supposed to talk about, or that no one will understand, or that you will be judged for confiding in someone.

Feeling Numb or Depressed

Another common symptom is feeling depressed. You may have started to notice a lack of interest in things that once brought you happiness, or find yourself withdrawing from social events. Going hand in hand with that, you may also find yourself emotionally numb and that it’s much harder to get in touch with your emotions. It’s common to want to suppress the emotions you have about your abortion and ignore them, but doing so can make it difficult to connect with other emotions. You can’t just suppress one singular emotion. Instead, what happens is you suppress your ability to feel the range of emotions; suppressing one emotion can suppress multiple emotions. In addition, post-abortion feelings aren’t like regular feelings; they are much more emotionally charged and you can’t just put them aside. The only way to move past them is to process them in a safe place.

Feeling Anxious or Guilty Around Other Parents or their Children

It’s not unusual for women and men to have peace with their decision whenever they make it, but later on start experiencing anxiety when they are around friends who are parents, are expecting a child, or being around their children. Seeing these families can bring up feelings of regret or painful memories from your own choice to abort. It can seem like you are seeing what could’ve been your life if you had made a different choice. As a result, it’s common to avoid and withdraw from social interactions that would bring up these feelings.

Anniversary Anxiety

This is a very common symptom that is often hard to identify. We tend to celebrate anniversaries, but on anniversaries of painful experiences, we often try to ignore or forget them. However, while you may not be conscious of the anniversary, your mind on some level remembers. This is why it’s hard to identify as a symptom at first, because it’s your mind trying to process through it subconsciously. People experience anniversary anxiety in different ways, such as having flashbacks to that day, being unusually emotional or depressed, or feeling a sense of anxiety or dread.

Start the Healing Process

If you feel like you may be suffering from Post Abortion Syndrome but aren’t sure, we invite you to take our Post- Abortion Stress Syndrome Symptoms Questionnaire. It’s a simple yes/no answer quiz that can help determine if you’re experiencing PAS and allows you to get in contact with a member of the H3Helpline staff. If you’d rather start processing what you’re feeling now, call H3Helpline at 866-721-7881. We’ve helped countless women and men realize that what they’re experiencing is very real and provide resources, support, and a listening ear to every caller. Give us a call today; we’d love to hear from you and help you start your journey towards healing.