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After Abortion Support Helpline

H3HELPLINE is a national after abortion support helpline. We provide free and confidential support and resources after abortion to people experiencing stress or trauma. We can all help you emotionally heal after an abortion.

Healing is Possible • Abortion Helpline

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No person should be forced to go through a painful experience on their own. Abortion is already an isolating experience. H3HELPLINE’s after abortion helpline offers help after abortion 24/7 by calling or texting our number 866-721-7881. You can confidentially talk to one of our Helpline Coaches who will listen and offer resources for help after abortion.

What Happens When I Call H3HELPLINE Abortion Helpline?

+ Talk to Someone Who Knows What You’re Going Through

When you hear the term Helpline Coach, you may think of someone who is reading off of a script and “coached” on what to say. That’s not the case at H3Helpline. We refer to our staff as Coaches because they are here to support and encourage you every step of the way. All of our Coaches are professionals that have gone through extensive background screens and training before taking any calls. In addition, all of our helpline Coaches have been where you are now; they have also felt the pain of abortion and know exactly what you’re going through. They will listen to your story, grieve with you, and encourage you.

+ A Safe, Confidential, Judgement-Free Zone

While our abortion helpline Helpline Coaches have gone through what you are going through, they are also sensitive to the fact that every individual’s experience is different. They may share their experiences if it may help you, but they will never impose their values or experiences on you. They are here first and foremost to listen to you and let you express your thoughts and feelings. All of our Coaches have signed confidentiality agreements that your stories and information will never be shared outside of the helpline.

+ Access to Local Resources and Support

Our goal is to provide help, hope, and healing to every helpline caller that contacts us. In addition to listening to and talking with you, our Helpline Coaches research your area in order to provide you with the best resources and support that pertain to you and are local to you. We don’t want to just console you on the phone; we want to set you up to take that second step of the journey towards healing. The first step was picking up the phone and calling us.

+ Support After Your Call

At H3Helpline, the abortion support you receive from us doesn’t end when you hang up the phone. We encourage all of our callers to continue the journey they started by calling us and take the next step of getting involved with help and support in your area. With your permission, we will send you an email with encouraging articles on healing, such as “Why It Is Important to Heal”, as well as 3 local resources with phone numbers and addresses for you to contact to continue your healing journey. Within 2-3 days after sending the email, our helpline team will give you a confidential call to check in and see how you are doing and make sure you received the resources in our email.

Our Abortion Helpline is Commitment to Care

The H3Helpline abortion helpline is committed to providing compassion and care to each of our callers. Our Helpline Coaches have been carefully screened and have received extensive training before they are authorized to answer your calls. The H3Helpline Helpline Coaches are here to listen to you and provide you the best Help•Hope•Healing resources in your local area.

All of our Helpline Coaches have promised to uphold a commitment to confidentiality. That means that all information shared by our callers will be protected and will not be shared outside of the H3Helpline staff. Our Helpline Coaches have signed a confidentiality statement and agreed not to discuss any of our callers or share their personal information with anyone outside of the helpline.

Our Helpline Coaches will listen to our callers without judgement, but in the spirit of empathy, love and compassion. They may bring up their own experiences if it could help the caller, however, they will not impose their values on the callers and will listen to them objectively. The H3Helpline wants to provide a safe place for callers to talk about their experience and to give them suggestions on resources that will help them take the next step towards healing.


All calls are confidential and answered by a trained Helpline Coach. The information presented on this website and given through contacting H3Helpline is intended for general education purposes only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional and/or medical advice. We are here to help you, give you hope, and offer resources to help facilitate healing.

Abortion Stories • Healing is Possible

Our Helpline Coaches are caring and non-judgmental. We are dedicated to supporting your recovery. Don’t wait for the pain of abortion to go away, let us help. Call or text our abortion helpline today for compassionate support.