H3HELPLINE is here for you. We help anyone who needs support after an abortion. We care about your recovery, let us help.

If you find yourself in an emergency and need help right away, what do you do? You find a way to call 911 ASAP. You have come to know that the person on the other end can listen to your situation and send help right away. But not all the struggles we face in life can be fixed by calling those three important numbers.

The truth is there are many issues people face every day that are hard and may even feel hopeless; these people may even feel alone and trapped in them if they don’t have anyone who they can talk to about it.

H3Helpline exists to help those who need someone to talk to after experiencing both the physical and emotional pain of an abortion and need recovery support. When someone dials 866-721-7881, they aren’t just calling a number– instead they are connecting with one of our Helpline Coaches who will listen and talk with them to help them find help, hope and healing after the pain of an abortion. It is a number that is important for others to know and pass along, because you never know whose life it could change.

Find Help, Hope, and Healing

H3Helpline is a 24/7 abortion recovery helpline that is staffed by Helpline Coaches who have all personally experienced the pain of abortion. H3’s services are all free of charge and confidential. Our helpline mission is simply this:

“Help, Hope, Healing… after the pain of abortion.”

We exist to provide all women and men who call with a safe place to process their emotions and thoughts regarding their past abortion. H3Helpline then helps them start down the path to their healing journey and also connects every caller with local resources and support in their area to receive continued, confidential help.

As the post-abortion healing journey continues on, many of the people who have called us find that these sources of abortion recovery support play a huge factor in their healing journey.

Many of the women and men who call our helpline find hope and freedom that they never thought was possible for them, after the pain they have suffered. Many of them have suffered quietly for years; even their loved ones and closest friends may have been unaware of the pain they have been suppressing.

This is why knowing H3’s number, 866-721-7881, is so important: you never know who desperately needs to call it.

Spread the Word

You can help connect women and men with the help and support they need! A very practical way is reaching out to pregnancy centers and local clinics in your community. You can simply give them a call and ask them if they are aware of H3Helpline and the services we provide. If not, you can share with them how they can visit us online to learn more about our services and how we can help those struggling with past abortions.

Pregnancy centers provide women and men with a safe and confidential place when they find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy. They provide their clients with resources to help them in their decision making process.

Can you imagine if one of them might be struggling with what to do and they realized there was a number that they could call any time of the day or not and someone on the other end would listen to them? Maybe they are considering an abortion and need someone to talk to or maybe they are still dealing with the pain of one from their past.

By providing these women and men with H3Helpline’s number, it is most likely they are being introduced to this resource of help for the first time.

At H3, we have heard stories of women who are considering having an abortion and while they are receiving an ultrasound at their local pregnancy center, they saw a card with our phone number on it. These women left their ultrasound unsure of what to do and before they made a decision, they called us.

We were able to provide another safe place for them to talk and be heard and ask all of their questions to one of our Helpline Coaches who have all experienced the pain of abortion in their pasts. These phone calls have often saved women from walking down the path of pain and regret of an abortion. By having our helpline number in locations like this, we are able to provide help before someone chooses abortion.

Our Helpline Coaches Are Just a Call Away

If you or someone you know is feeling the pain from a past abortion, no matter how long it’s been, you now know a helpful and lifechanging number to call. It is never too late to find emotional healing, and H3Helpline is here to listen and help.

Our Helpline Coaches are available 24/7 to listen to you and they have all experienced the pain of abortion firsthand; they can help you take the first steps in your journey towards healing. We want you to know that you are not alone, no matter how you feel.

Call or text us at 866-721-7881 or visit us online today. We are here for you any time of the day. There is hope.